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Butterflies is an independent support group for Breast Reconstruction patients. It was formed in July 2004 following a meeting organised by Guy Sterne, Consultant Plastic Surgeon based at City Hospital, Birmingham. Butterflies is the only known support group in the country specifically covering breast reconstruction. Its purpose is to provide a support programme by networking in the form of meetings and personal contacts to help inform and empower ladies contemplating breast reconstruction. It aims to provide those ladies with the maximum amount of information and support prior to their decision to proceed, and also during and after treatment. Not only has Butterflies got access to professionals who are available to talk to individuals but it also has a number of ladies who have been through surgery and are happy to share their experiences and advice with the group.

Please take a moment to look at our page of thanks, which lists all of the people who have helped Butterflies with donations and support since we began.

Our website is an ongoing developement. Please keep checking back here to see new updates. If you have any suggestions for improvements or requests for further information please contact us on information@butterflies-support.org.uk or call us confidentially on 07582 747103.


This Page was created on Monday, 20th February, 2005.