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In October 2002 I had my first Mammogram, I was 52. Having no family history of breast cancer, I was shocked to be called back after three weeks. I had an ultra sound and a core biopsy and was told to come back one week later for the results.

I was going to Benidorm that weekend for a week and I was worried sick. My first throught was that I couldn’t go on my holiday with this on my mind, I cried and cried thinking the worst. The staff at the breast clinic said to go on holiday as what ever it was wouldn’t get any worse in a week. So I went and I had a fantastic time. My husband was my soul mate when I cried at night, and he never moaned when I kept on and on thinking I was the only one in this position-my mind worked overtime.

A week later I went for my results. Being stubbon I wanted to go on my own, which was the wrong thing to do. Mr Fortis Mayer held my hand and explained that I had some calcification and DCIS. He asked me to go home and come back in two days time to tell him whether I wanted him to do a lumpectomy which he couldn’t guarantee would remove all the affected tissue, or a mastectomy. I cried all the way back to the car wishing I’d bought my husband with me. However after two days we went back and Mr Fortis Mayer explained to my husband and I was admitted five days later for a mastectomy.

On 18th November 2002, I had a right sided mastectomy and the following day was told that I had made the right decision as the DCIS had spread and although it wasn’t cancerous at this time woud have developed into a malignant state if any had been left behind.

I didn’t have any medication, only follow up appointments every three months. The care I had was marvelous. I made up my mind that I wanted a reconstruction, but was advised to wait a year. I never felt comfortable with the prosthesis, and was conscious of it all the time. It felt very uncomfortable to me and I just couldn’t cope with it.

I was asked to go to a meeting at Manor Hospital, as Mr Guy Sterne was doing a talk about breast reconstruction, and I decided to go. After I had listened to Mr Sterne I was very impressed and decided to have a word with him. He told me how to go about getting a referral to see him. I waited three months for a consultation, and finally in November 2004 I got a call to go into hospital for my surgery.

I had a tram flap which meant I had a free tummy tuck!! It is a long operation but well worth it. I was looked after very well, and would definitely go through it all again. I am so happy with my new breast, I have regained my confidence and enjoy wearing what I want with complete confidence – it makes me feel good.

I had my Nipple reconstruction in June 2005 followed by the nipple tattooing shortly after.

I am so grateful to all the staff concerned in looking after me – they were marvelous. I am very lucky to have two daughters who supported me through the healing and a special husband who cared and looked after me. I am very lucky to have such a supportive family.

Breast Reconstruction was the best thing for me. I have now been discharged, and want to say a huge "Thank You" to Guy Sterne and all the staff involved in my care.

This Page was created on Sunday, 18th February, 2007.